College Coaching Program

Are you wondering what college is going to look like this fall and if you will be able to manage it?

If so, that’s completely understandable. We have been in uncharted territory, and what the Fall semester will look like is still uncertain. You were probably just getting into a groove last spring, feeling good about your classes and social life, living on your own, when you had to abruptly move back home, trying to manage online classes. Now you may feel ill-prepared for what this semester will hold. The new Saint Louis Counseling College Coaching Program can help!

Achieve your academic, social, and personal goals!

Our new Coaching Program for college students is about the whole person at a time in life that can be one of the most challenging. Teaming college students with a Saint Louis Counseling coach, who is a Licensed Clinical Social Worker (LCSW) or Licensed Professional Counselor (LPC), empowers young adults with the life skills, resources, and accountability they need to be successful and independent!

How do I know if the College Coaching Program is right for me?
Have you ever struggled with managing your time, procrastinating, starting and/or finishing self-paced assignments, making transitions, balancing fun with studying and working, feeling anxious before tests or projects, finding your niche and group of friends, or getting involved on campus? The College Coaching Program might be the answer for you!

Interested? Give us a call at 314.748.5658 for more information, or complete the secure online form to the right to learn more. We will contact you as soon as soon as possible. College is an important time in life to be successful, both personally and academically, especially in these unprecedented times. Saint Louis Counseling can help you achieve your goals!

Online Registration:
Coaching Program

If you would like to register securely online, or if you have questions about our Coaching Program, please complete this form or contact Debbie Dugan, Business Development/Marketing Director, at 314.748.5658 or [email protected].
We look forward to working with you!

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