Did you know that 35 percent of college freshmen experience a mental-health issue?

It’s not surprising, given the amount of stress that can develop from living on your own for the first time, learning new academic expectations and schedules, getting used to rooming with people you may or may not know, managing a heavy academic workload, and balancing social events, fraternity or sorority demands, sports schedules, and/or work schedules.

Our new Coaching Program for college students of any age is about the whole person at a time in life that can be one of the most challenging. Teaming college students with a Saint Louis Counseling coach, who is a Licensed Clinical Social Worker (LCSW) or Licensed Professional Counselor (LPC), empowers young adults with the life skills, resources, and accountability needed to be successful and independent!

Interested? Give us a call (314.748.5658) for more information or complete the secure online form to the right. College is an important time in life to be successful, both personally and academically. We can help!

We look forward to helping you to be successful all throughout college and life!
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