Episode #77-Two Normal Dudes Series #4: Guys…Let’s Talk About It!

Guests: Jon Franko and Suvir Dhar

Now on their fourth Mental Health Matters Podcast, Jon and Suvir talk about how they handle stress. Yes, it does involve some sports talk, specifically athletes like Kevin Love who have helped to normalize mental health by bringing it to the forefront. But the Two Normal Dudes’ conversation also centers around why it is so important to talk with people you trust, especially when stressed. And that includes talking with counselors.

As always, the “Two Normal Dudes” Mental Health Matters podcast series focuses on guy talk and mental health. Throw another male into the conversation who happens to be a Licensed Clinical Social Worker, Executive Director Tom Duff, and the conversation starts to take on some feelings with just enough sports talk interspersed to make the two dudes feel “normal.” Enough chatting. It’s time to start listening!