EPISODE #55: A Brewer’s Perspective during a Pandemic
Guest: Stephen Hale
Founding Brewer, Schlafly Beer

After the shelter-in-place orders took effect in the region, folks in the beer, wine and spirits industries started to notice an interesting trend. Alcohol consumption started to bubble. Stephen Hale, one of the key players in a well-known brewery here in town, Schlafly, also couldn’t help but notice that, although the increased sales are good for business, the real key ingredients for dealing with COVID-19 actually have nothing to do with brewing and fermenting, but everything to do with perspective.

In this week’s Mental Health Matters episode, Stephen talks with Executive Tom Duff, LCSW about how adjusting to the “new normal” as a business professional takes more than mastering a craft. How listening, keeping a sense of humor and levity, a rosy outlook, a sense of community, an openness to other perspectives, and ways to gnōthi seauton (Greek translation: “know thyself”) are far better ingredients for serving people in a pandemic than any brew could tap.

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