EPISODE #23 June 7, 2019

Guest: Mia Jackson, Comedian


She has been on tour with one of today’s biggest comedians – Amy Schumer. But a funny thing happens on the way to the stage before Mia Jackson takes the mic and starts her stand-up routine. She still gets butterflies. And, unless she is centered on what matters most in her life, the stress and nerves that emerge when she’s “on” have been known to tempt her into thinking that it might not be worth going back into the spotlight. That’s why, for her, stand-up requires being grounded.
As a female comedian, plenty of stereotypes precede Mia’s entrance on stage. For starters, there’s the notion that women are not as funny as men. Add being black and six feet tall to the list, and the perception of what constitutes “funny” isn’t always a laughing matter. That’s why Mia seeks out what she calls “you time.” And she usually finds it, of all places, at the laundromat. Check out how this comedian keeps her spirit up and her mental health in-check, as she talks with Executive Director Tom Duff, MSW, LCSW about the importance of self-care in this week’s Mental Health Matters.