December 21, 2018

Guest: Tamara Kenny, JD, MSW

Director of Advocacy and Community Engagement for Catholic Charities of St. Louis


She is a lawyer, social worker and has also spent time on stage as an actor. But first and foremost, Tamara Kenny is the mother of two. Her son, Eli (20), has struggled with mental illness for several years, so Tamara knows the system, and she knows how difficult it is to navigate, even with so many resources available to her family. But what about people who don’t have the means to find the mental-health services they need?

Using her background as a social worker, attorney and advocate to steer what, at times, has felt like uncharted territory while searching for the proper treatment for Eli, Tamara is championing the mental-health cause. From policy changes to public awareness, she is engaging the very people who can affect change on state and national levels so they will make mental-health care accessible to everyone who needs it, when they need it most. Breaking down systemic barriers to mental-health care is essential, and Tamara is working to ensure that no one veers off-course – especially when they are submerged in tumultuous waters. Because, as a mom, she knows exactly how that feels.

Let’s definitely talk about it! It’s time to #BreakDownStigma