EPISODE #64: How Is College Going for You So Far?
Guest: Emily Olivos, LCSW and Clara S.
Saint Louis Counseling College Coaching Program Coach and College Student

College is hailed as one of the best times in life. It’s the time when you’re on your own for the first time. It’s the time when you make real decisions that will really determine your future. It’s the time when YOU are in charge of YOU! College is IT! And from all you’ve heard, when you finally land on campus, it will be the most exciting, exhilarating (maybe even a little terrifying – but that “good” kind of terrifying so it will be fine!) time of your life! Except for maybe when there’s a pandemic. Then nothing is what you expected. Your social life. Your classes. Your grades. Your independence. It’s all different with Covid still hanging around. And you aren’t quite sure what that means for second semester, because nothing about the first semester was what it was supposed to be. Your grades are down. Your social life feels non-existent. You’re still living in your house instead of the dorms. Now what?

Enter steroids. Not that kind of steroids. Think more along the lines of steroids and coaching. As in “Life coaching on steroids” for college students. Coaching that teams up freshmen with a Licensed Clinical Social Worker whose counseling expertise guides students to be independent and successful in all aspects of college life. In this week’s Mental Health Matters video podcast, college freshman Clara S., College Coaching Coach/Counselor Emily Olivos, LCSW, and Saint Louis Counseling Executive Director Tom Duff, LCSW talk about how Clara has turned her college struggles into success, and how you can, too. Even during a pandemic.