Mr. Horrell’s Opus

Guest: Daniel “Monkh” Horrell


It’s a name you won’t soon forget. In fact, its very meaning translates to “eternal.” As a musician and a person who continuously strives to learn more about himself, “Monkh” – also known as Daniel Horrell – understands that life is a process. And if we want to move from verse to chorus and vice-versa, it’s important to work on the tempo of the present moment.

But creating a harmonious “now” hasn’t always been easy for Monkh. Over the years, he has struggled with depression. And it wasn’t until he slowed down the beat and put the spotlight on himself that he was able to shed the addictions and habits that weren’t in tune with what he needed to live a good life. In this episode of Mental Health Matters, Monkh and Executive Director Tom Duff, LCSW talk about how the eternal process of learning and growing has composed Mr. Horrell’s life-long opus.