EPISODE #72: Two Normal Dudes Series #3: Mirror, Mirror on the Wall…

Guests: Jon Franko and Suvir Dhar

Did Covid help us to be more reflective? Our Two Normal Dudes – Jon Franko and Suvir Dhar – along with podcast host Tom Duff, LCSW, think so. They believe that some positives have come out of this past year, including growth opportunities that required us to reflect on how we really look at ourselves in the mirrors that we often use to define ourselves in the world.

After first discussing the St. Louis Cardinals and maybe a sentence or two about the Cubs (a.k.a., “sports”), Jon, Suvir, and Tom spend this episode of the “Two Normal Dudes” Mental Health Matters podcast series, looking back at how the past year forced them to a reckoning of sorts. Through introspection and long looks in their own mirrors, they discovered that there’s more to one’s reflection than how we look on a Zoom screen.