EPISODE #24 | June 14th, 2019

Guest: Dr. Ed Migneco, DVM & Dr. Marcy Hammerle, DVM, Veterinarians


If you heard that one out of six vets has thought about suicide at least once in their lives, would you be surprised? What if the vets we’re referring to are veterinarians and not military veterans? Since the early 2000s, suicide among DVMs is on the rise. But why that is the case is still a quandary, even in 2019.

Many theories circulate about what may be causing the industry epidemic, and talking about the crisis is helping to break down the stigma surrounding it, which in turn, is helping vets get the mental-health care they need. But more is required to stop suicidal ideation in its tracks. In this week’s podcast Ed Migneco, DVM and Marcy Hammerle, DVM talk with Executive Director Tom Duff, MSW, LCSW about how stress, compassion fatigue and other factors could be contributing to a problem that, at its essence, comes down to caring for all creatures.