I’ve Been Wronged! Do I Have to “Turn the Other Cheek”?

EPISODE #37  | 11/1/2019
Fr. Chris Collins, SJ, Assistant to the President of Mission and Identity, SLU
Sr. Virginia Herbers, ASCJ, Director of Spiritual Formation, SLU

What is forgiveness, really? For Christians, Jesus taught to forgive “seventy times seven times.” We often hear that we should forgive, but what if we don’t know exactly how to forgive? What if an offense has been so hurtful or destructive that we don’t want to forgive the person, or we simply aren’t ready to? What if we aren’t Christian, do we still need to practice and receive forgiveness? Does someone saying, “I’m sorry,” mean that we have to reconcile with that person at that moment? Or ever?

In this episode of Mental Health Matters, Executive Director Tom Duff, LCSW talks with Fr. Chris Collins, SJ and Sr. Virginia Herbers, ASCJ, who work in the office of Mission and Identity at Saint Louis University in St. Louis, MO. Their experience and expertise from spiritual perspectives, coupled with Tom’s extensive background in mental health, offer profound insights into what forgiveness is, what it’s not, and what it offers the person asking for it and the person doing the forgiving. In a world where wronging others seems to be the “answer” to so many problems, maybe it’s time to see that perhaps there’s more to life than getting even.