January 19, 2019

Special Guest: Benjamin Hochman
Sports Columnist: St. Louis Post-Dispatch
Podcast Host: Hosted Ravioli
• The Big 50: St. Louis Cardinals: The Men and Moments that Made the St. Louis Cardinals
• If These Walls Could Talk: Colorado Rockies: Stories from the Colorado Rockies Dugout, Locker Room, and Press Box
• Fourth and New Orleans: How Tulane Football Survived the Aftermath of Hurricane Katrina


Sports columnist Benjamin Hochman’s penchant for words and his understanding of the human condition chronicle more than an athlete’s or team’s performance. His insights shine light on the person behind the jersey. So when St. Louis Cardinal Dexter Fowler recently stated that he was dealing with depression last season, Ben took the opportunity in his column to not only acknowledge the outfielder’s courage, but also address how his candor should – at the very least – make mental health okay to talk about in St. Louis.

“We have just one life to live,” Ben asserted. “Don’t be afraid to deal with tough stuff. Embrace what you’re going through and talk to someone.” Ben takes his own advice to heart. He’s had to navigate some tough times and has talked with therapists. And, he’s not afraid to say that out loud. He and his wife also live by a mantra that Ben aptly coined: “Leading the league in smiles.” Find out in this week’s Mental Health Matters episode #9 what that means, and learn about some of the pressures that public figures face and how we, as a community, can make mental health a priority for the common good.