March 15th, 2019

Special Guests: Staci Static,

Radio Personality, Current Podcast Host


Boundaries. Staci Static learned early on in the male-dominated radio industry that she needed to establish very clear boundaries, not only with the general population, but also with male colleagues and supervisors. #MeToo hadn’t yet made its way to social awareness, when she launched her career 20 years ago. But as a woman who had a strong family foundation and was close to her dad and brother, Staci learned that there was nothing she couldn’t do. And she took that to heart.

Today, Staci is pursuing a new endeavor – still speaking up, but this time as a daily podcast host. Before her podcast’s April 1 launch, Staci took to the microphone this week as our #MentalHealthMatters guest, talking openly with Executive Director Tom Duff, MSW, LCSW about her perspectives on the myriad situations she has handled throughout her life, from being a single Black mom to living with stress to dealing with entitlement to seeking out counseling and how each experience has played an important role in her life. For her, it all comes down to one word: Respect.