Momming, Working, Guilting, and Self-caring

EPISODE #45  February 7th, 2020

Guest: Chelsea Link, LPC and Nicole Ostrowski, LCSW, Supervisors, School Partnership Program (SPP)

Mom guilt. How often do moms beat themselves up for not having spent enough quality time with the kids? For not feeling grateful or joyful when they do spend copious time with them? For feeling exhausted and barely having enough energy to carry on a conversation with their significant other, much less plan – or show up in clothes other than pajamas – for a date night? The guilt is prevalent among moms who work outside the home and those who work in the home full-time. How can moms stave off the guilt and just “be”? Two Saint Louis Counseling therapists, both moms, have some suggestions from their own life experiences.

Work-life balance isn’t always easy, but it can happen! Check out this week’s podcast with therapists Chelsea Link, LPC and Nicole Ostrowski, LCSW, both of whom counsel kids all day through our School Partnership Program and then go home to their own children. Hear what has worked for them and what hasn’t, as they talk with Executive Director Tom Duff, LCSW about “momming,” working, guilting, and self-caring.

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