February 15, 2019

Special Guests: Amanda Bollenbach & Sarah Springer

Co-founders, Love Will Foundation


Don’t mess with two moms on a mission! Especially Amanda Bollenbach and Sarah Springer who, with eight kids between them, are committed to helping new moms struggling with postpartum depression get the counseling they need – free of charge. What grew out of a T-shirt brainchild promoting the message, “#StopHate,” is a full-grown non-profit named Love Will Foundation. Outfitted with a desire to give back to the community and a passion to end the stigma associated with postpartum depression, the two co-founders are on a mission to let new moms know that they are not alone. And, that help is available.

In relationships, communication is key. But when a woman starts feeling more than the typical “baby blues” after the birth or adoption of a child, it often becomes more difficult for her to say out loud – even to her spouse, siblings, friends or parents — that she may be depressed. That’s why Love Will Foundation is not only raising funds to provide free counseling but also is upping the conversation ante to help new moms and the people in their lives talk about the loneliness, guilt, sadness and all that they may be experiencing. Hear why the topic is close to the hearts of Amanda and Sarah, as they talk about their own postpartum journeys with clinician-at-heart, Executive Director Tom Duff, MSW, LCSW, in this week’s episode of Mental Health Matters.