EPISODE #50: Need an Endorphin Rush While Social Distancing? Exercise!

Guest: Lisa Huseman Hale

Owner and Trainer, Z Total Body Fitness

When this podcast was recorded, society was just starting to warm up to the idea of social distancing. With the Stay-at-Home Orders in place, people are feeling the effects from both mental and physical perspectives. For many, endorphins and dopamine generated by being active and around people are starting to wane as we continue to stay home. So, what can we do to help build endurance and elevate our mood during these challenging times? If you were to ask Lisa Huseman Hale, it’s simple: Exercise, eat healthy foods, and foster those family and “family” connections. Even if it’s all done within two arms’ lengths of one another.

Since she began her training career 38 years ago, Lisa’s passion for fitness has included more than helping people tone up. She started noticing early on in her work as a trainer that none of the gyms where she worked built a community for their members. So, eight years ago, Lisa changed the circuit by launching her own fitness center with several goals in mind to keep a sense of community strong and create a body-mind connection: run a gym where she knew each member by name, create a fun atmosphere, and include all ages and fitness levels. In his week’s Mental Health Matters video episode with Executive Director Tom Duff, LCSW, learn what fuels Lisa’s love of fitness, health, and sense of community.