EPISODE 32 | August 30, 2019


Taming PTSD for Veterans and First Responders
Guest:  Nicole Lanahan, Founder and Executive Director, Got Your Six Support Dogs

Nicole Lanahan’s focus changed course in a matter of one day. The contract she had, training narcotics-sniffing dogs, was canceled almost immediately after 9/11. Bomb-sniffing dogs were urgently needed, and Nicole understood the necessity and the commands that would make the military’s efforts safer. But after preparing several dogs for their orders, she felt tugged to go beyond that specific call of duty. With a helpful spirit, versus a warrior spirit, Nicole wanted to do more with the canine training that could make life better for those serving on the front lines, after they experienced war and emergencies. And she wanted to make it free of charge.

When considering her next move, Nicole went into it hoping that veterans and first responders knew she had their backs. In military lingo, that translates to “got your six” – a fitting name for the four-year-old non-profit that trains service dogs to sense PTSD and calm their person’s anxiety, depression and other mental-health conditions that make daily life sometimes impossible to live. You won’t want to miss seeing – in our first-ever video podcast – how Nicole’s dog jumps into action after sensing anxiety-riddled cues. Reckon – and all the service dogs Nicole trains – is a force to be reckoned with, especially when he’s “got your six”.