EPISODE #60: Tough Skin Requires Self-care
Guest: Venton Blandin
Communications Director, US Attorney’s Office in the Eastern District of MO;
Former Reporter, KMOV; Retired, US Marine Corps; Coach, National Association of Black Journalists

Just a few weeks after signing off the air for the last time at KMOV, Venton Blandin is back on the St. Louis airwaves – podcast airwaves, that is! Having spent the past two decades on camera and in the field as a TV news reporter and several years serving in the U.S. Marine Corps, Venton knows all about routine and regimen, deadlines and breaking news and what it takes to develop tough skin: You have to be willing to put your own skin in the game, you have to be willing to deal with challenges, AND you have to be willing to take care of yourself.

Be sure to catch Venton and Executive Director Tom Duff, MSW, LCSW chat in this week’s podcast about why, in fast-paced careers that demand constant attention, it’s important to slow down, listen to the other side, show compassion and kindness, and make time for self-care, whether that means singing in the shower, taking time to breathe, or listening to podcasts. Healthy mental health is essential – even for tough skin!

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