EPISODE #62: Two Normal Dudes – and the Real “F” Word
Guest:Jon Franko and Suvir Dhar

The “real ‘F’ word”. There’s such power behind it. Just saying it helps you to release all those pent-up emotions that have been bottling up inside you. It frees your mind from all the second-guessing that runs through your thoughts, over and over and over again. Take it from two normal dudes: The “real ‘F’ word” says it all! But why are so many males, so many “dudes” in particular, afraid to include “Feelings” in their conversations?

Two regular guys, Jon Franko, the CEO of Gorilla 76 and past podcast guest, and Suvir Dhar, a lawyer, talk with fellow Leadership St. Louis alumnus, Executive Director Tom Duff, LCSW, about how the men in their lives helped to shape their understanding of mental health. They talk about how talking about their feelings and allowing themselves to be vulnerable have been life-changing. They also talk about the “beauty of therapy.” Yup. Two dudes and a therapist, all talking about their feelings and other beautiful things that make life rejuvenating. There really is power behind the “F” word. Just ask some dudes!