EPISODE #56: Virtually Building Office Relationships, Virtually
Guest: Executive Director Tom Duff, MSW, LCSW

There was time, about four months ago, actually, when the connotation of “virtual” implied one-degree-of-separation. Say, for instance, your friends ventured to the Rockies for a 2020 spring break trip. You could “virtually experience” vacation with them, as smart phones documented their hiking excursions on Facebook Live, just one degree shy of actually being there. The amateur footage that bounced in and out of step gave the sense that you, too, were ascending the same cobbled path into thinner air, but with Dramamine and a faucet at hand to stave off motion-sickness. Watching their climb, you felt almost as winded as the hikers. After all, you were, virtually, walking along with them. Sort of. Not really. But it sure felt like it. Almost.

That was, until the surreal pandemic hit. It’s now July 2020, and “virtual” no longer implies one degree from reality the way it did back in early March. “Virtual” is now our reality. We have catapulted from almost being present, via computer, to actually being present as a work force, as a school, as a family, as a happy hour group, on screens and across networks that connect us to one another. We are virtually living in a space that seemed only real back when “The Jetsons” made their television debut in 1962. So, now that this new normal is part of real life, how do we connect with our colleagues in real-time, with real and meaningful relationships? How can we build community in the workplace, if some of us are working from home and others are going into the office? Tune in to this week’s episode, when Executive Director Tom Duff, LCSW talks about how to keep touchpoints and “mando-fun” at the forefront of virtual office dynamics. You just may feel like you’re right there, virtually listening to him in the studio. Well, sort of. Not really. But…almost!

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