December 1st, 2018

Guest: Tom Duff, MSW, LCSW

Executive Director, Saint Louis Counseling


With several “Mental Health Matters” podcasts now available to download on iTunes and Spotify, and with the rush of the holidays at full throttle, it’s the perfect time to revisit why mental health matters. Hear why Saint Louis Counseling Executive Director Tom Duff, MSW, LCSW wants to get the word out, not only about matters associated with mental-health conditions and how to recognize them, but also to give voice to the hope and healing that people who struggle with mental-health matters experience.

Why is that so important to Saint Louis Counseling’s executive director and licensed clinician? Because one in four people is diagnosed with a mental-health condition, and 56 percent do not seek help, often because of the stigma attached to it. Tom wants to #BreakDownStigma now so that more people will get the help they need, without feeling ashamed. It’s that simple, and that urgent.

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