EPISODE #48: Winning Isn’t Everything in Basketball or Life

Guest: Pam Borton, President and CEO, PBP Consulting Group Author, “On Point”

Former Women’s Basketball Coach, University of Minnesota

Winningest coach in Minnesota women’s basketball history

Failure is okay. In fact, according to Pam Borton, the winningest coach in Minnesota’s women’s basketball history, winning really isn’t everything. It’s the mistakes and missed shots that offer the greatest opportunities for growth and preparation for the next play. Position that with building a team where each member lifts the other up, and the odds grow greater that success both on and off the court will follow. The game plan, it turns out, isn’t so much about the lay-ups or slam dunks. It’s about the people.

With March Madness just around the corner, Executive Director Tom Duff, LCSW talks with Pam Borton, who retired from coaching women’s college basketball and now coaches business executives across the country on this week’s podcast. Pam’s strategy is simple: consider the whole individual, group up, and discover the individuals’ and team’s “why.” All the rest – including the losses and fouls – determine the real winners.

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