EPISODE #59: Women’s Basketball and the Greater Good
Guest: Khalia Collier
General Manager/Owner, St. Louis Surge

If playing to others’ strengths is part of your game plan, and if putting one foot in front of the other is part of your game face, then chances are, you may have won over Khalia Collier. Winning – at least for the G.M./owner of the two-time National Champions, St. Louis Surge – isn’t just about the numbers on the scoreboard. It’s more about character, empowerment, and the greater good.

In this week’s Mental Health Matters, Khalia tips off the segment with Executive Director Tom Duff, MSW, LCSW by outlining the strategies that empower her players to make an impact, not only on the basketball court, but within the St. Louis community as well. Serving, unifying, coaching, mentoring – they are all part of the game. So is allowing her players to make mistakes so they can learn to be the best versions of themselves. Hear how Khalia has made St. Louis Surge one of the best-kept secrets in our city and how her commitment to the Golden Rule – and to mental health – helps her to lead the championship team with a moral compass.

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