For weeks, the name eluded us.

Creating a podcast title, it turns out, requires more than just jotting down ideas. Put social workers and a couple non-clinicians in a room to brainstorm an appropriate name, and everyone becomes empowered to speak up. After all, no idea is a bad idea. So, from the sublime (“Mental Notes” – already taken) to the ridiculous (“Captain Counselor” — remember, no judging!), the creativity flowed. And flowed. The myriad possibilities flooded the page. But that perfect, attention-grabbing, branded name, although right on the brink of revealing itself, escaped our awareness. What, we kept asking at each brainstorming session, matters most to people who are seeking answers to mental health issues and how can we capture it?

The name was hiding in plain sight.

Introducing “Mental Health Matters”…

a podcast launched in October 2018 by Saint Louis Counseling that not only addresses important matters related to mental health but also asserts that talking openly about mental illness does indeed matter. It is vital for our overall well-being. By candidly addressing mental illness, our goal is to break down stigma so that anyone who has a mental-health condition or disorder will get the help they need, when they need it. That’s what matters most.

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Be sure to tune in each week…

as Saint Louis Counseling Executive Director Tom Duff, MSW, LCSW tackles some of the most relevant and relatable mental-health topics with our many guests, who are in the mental-health profession, have lived with mental-health conditions or understand the impact mental health has on society as a whole.

Together, we can break down stigma. And together, we can make sure that Mental Health Matters! Thanks for tuning in!

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