Video and Resources for Teaching through COVID-19

As teachers, you are among the most adaptable professionals in the world. You know what it takes to pivot in a moment’s notice — when lesson plans shift due to consecutive snow days, or when a student disrupts your class and attending to that child is more critical than figuring out the math problem, or when the fire department arrives unannounced in the middle of a test. You know what it takes to adapt to meet the needs of your students, even if you may not be feeling quite so adaptable after all the many disruptions over these past few school years. And that, we want to assure you, is perfectly normal!

The Saint Louis Counseling School Partnership Program (SPP) is here to help!

For more than 25 years, SPP therapists have worked in over 100 schools across 10 counties and the city of St. Louis to provide mental and emotional support to students, faculty and parents. And because of that expertise, we understand what strategies you can put in place to help you foster mentally, emotionally and socially healthy learning environments.

VIDEO: Returning to School During COVID-19
Connecting with students and meeting everyone’s needs when schools resume after last semester’s stay-at-home orders are top priorities for administrators and faculty. To proactively address concerns about teaching due to the pandemic, we have created a video specifically for educators, written by our therapists, that focuses on five key areas:

1. Adaptability
2. Teacher Self-care
3. What to Look for with Your Students: Emotional, Behavioral & Social Cues

4. Intervention Activities: Creating Unity in the Classroom & Teacher Activity
5. Building Relationships

You may access each of the individual segments above or the full-length video here. If you have an SPP Therapist in your school, your therapist will be happy to consult with you about the video, or you may contact Chief Program Officer Christopher Seigel, MA, LPC at [email protected]  phone 636.717.9685

NEW! Teacher Support Group
If you are interested in joining the Saint Louis Counseling Teacher Support Group to help as you return to school during COVID-19, or if you would like more information about the support group, please contact Zane Maus, School Partnership Program Director [email protected] | 314.748.5679

Accompanying Handouts
Feel free to download these video resources to help you and your students with the transition back to school:
Teacher Self-care Questions
Student Intervention Activity: Puzzle Pieces
Student Intervention Activity: Shoe Prints
Teacher Activity: Spontaneous Drawing

Saint Louis Counseling COVID-19 Information
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National Suicide Prevention Lifeline: 800-273-TALK (8255)

Education-specific Resources

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