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With professional, compassionate care, people with mental-health conditions or a mental illness can, and do, live full and happy lives. We know there is no shame in working to get better by talking with a therapist. Most people know that mental health is, well, good health. And we know that poor mental health for any one of us ripples across our community and shows up in the workplace, at school, and in our homes.

Saint Louis Counseling therapists are here for you. To listen and provide compassionate, professional counseling. All our clinicians have a master’s degree, with the majority having LCSW or LPC licensure by the Missouri Department of Professional Registration. And they have training in evidence-based treatments and best practices with expertise in treating:
Depression | Anxiety | Bipolar Disorder | ADD/ADHD | Stress | Grief/Loss | Employee Assistance | Mediation | Sexual Abuse | Domestic Violence | Abuse/Neglect | Divorce | Relationship Counseling | Parenting | Crisis | Trauma and more

Our hope and belief are that people will begin getting better after making their first call to us. And we see that happening! We know the faces of our 8,000-plus clients — we know their hurts and struggles, and we know we are helping them to heal. Sometimes it takes six counseling sessions. Sometimes it takes years of therapeutic support. The good news is that we are creating hope and change for everyone who has the willingness to get better. In fact, eight out of ten of our clients report improvement in their mental well-being after their course of treatment!

Referrals and Insurance
Referrals to other service providers are made by our therapists when the need arises. We also welcome referrals from churches, schools, hospitals, case managers, employers, insurance companies, family members and friends. Most private insurance companies and Employee Assistance Programs (EAP) cover the costs of counseling and psychiatry services. We are happy to process insurance claims for reimbursement. For people who qualify, services are offered on a sliding scale or through grants. If your mental-health condition requires a medical diagnosis and/or medication, you can make an appointment for our Psychiatry Services.

Call us today at 314.544.3800 to make an appointment, or complete the form below and an Intake Specialist will get back with you.
We are here for you! And we respond with hope!

Sometimes it helps to know what to say or how to respond after a crisis. Saint Louis Counseling therapists have prepared information and talking points to help you know what to say and do when you find yourself at a loss for words:
Tips for Parents when a Crisis Happens
Tips for Survivors of Disaster or Other Traumatic Event
Tips for Talking with Children to Help Them Cope after Disaster

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In case of an emergency, call the Life Crisis Hotline: 314-647-HELP (4357) or 911, or to go to the nearest emergency room.

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