Responding with Hope…
On the Journey Toward Healing

The phone rings almost incessantly these days. The calls keep coming around the clock at Saint Louis Counseling…

One ring brings a call from a grade school in need of extra counselors following a parent’s unexpected death. With another ring, we’re summoned after a job-site accident severely injures three employees.

Mental-health crises often come out of nowhere. From that first “hello,” that first moment someone reaches out…we respond. We go to people in their despair or trauma, providing care and support. Our 72 highly trained therapists step in to support healing, and often, save lives.

For every $134 we raise, the next time a person calls in crisis, more people can be helped — and responded to with hope. You can step into the gaping hole of crisis with us and help those in need begin a healing journey in their most vulnerable moments. It’s what we are called to do…to listen with our hearts.

Thank you for believing that all lives are worth healing and no one should have to wait for a listening heart.

To qualify as a current tax-year donation, gifts must be processed by December 31. To download a Responding with Hope donation form, click here.

Companions for Courage Monthly Giving Program
Are you interested in supporting our clients who live at or below the poverty line every month? You can by joining as a Companion for Courage! Learn more on the Companions for Courage webpage.

YOP Tax Credits that support mental-health services for youths at Saint Louis Counseling are now available. Learn more on our YOP Tax Credit webpage.

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