Administrators and Educators,
The day-to-day learning environment of this school year varies from all in-person classes to all-virtual to a hybrid of both across all levels of education. If you are an educator, be sure to check out our Teacher web page that provides strategies to help teachers make the transition to this “new normal,” more normal.

School Partnership Program (SPP)
It’s not just what happens in our offices that makes a difference — we are in schools and classrooms, too! For more than 25 years, Saint Louis Counseling’s School Partnership Program (SPP) therapists have assisted students from kindergarten through 12th grade who attend parochial, private and public schools. And in 2019, SPP therapists provided treatment and support for 3,202 students in 117 schools. Our program is based on the philosophy that the school, family, and community are partners in educating our children, strengthening families and building stronger, safer communities.

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