Saint Louis Counseling Leadership Team

The people who make up the Leadership Team at Saint Louis Counseling are professionals who represent the many different aspects of social services. They are committed to ensuring that our mental-health services and programs reflect our mission of providing compassionate healing and improved mental health to our clients, schools and the communities
in which we serve.

Jared H. Bryson, M.Div., D.Min.
Interim Executive Director /
President, Catholic Charities of St. Louis

[email protected]

Saundra Barker, MSW, LCSW
Chief Program Officer
[email protected] | 314.748.5646

Vince Doder
Director of Finance and Operations

[email protected] | 314.748.5654

Blake Hildwein
Director of Admin. Services and Human Resources
[email protected] | 314.748.5647

Judson Bliss, LPC, LCSW, Ph.D.
Regional Director: Union, Herculaneum, Troy
[email protected] | 314.748.5663

Angela Casimere, LCSW
Regional Director: Florissant, Bellefontaine Neighbors
Coordinator of Diversity, Equity and Inclusion
[email protected] | 314.544.3800, ext. 1304

Beth Crider
Grant Writer/Community Liaison
[email protected] | 314.748.5648

Debbie Dugan
Business Development/Marketing Director
[email protected] | 314.748.5658

Chelsea Link, MA, LPC
School Partnership Program Director
[email protected] | 314.748.5694

Zane Maus
Regional Director: O’Fallon
[email protected] | 314.748.5679

Shelley Reuter
Office Manager
[email protected] | 314.756.2362

Gayle Shank, MBA
Director of Quality Improvement and Strategic Alignment
[email protected] | 314.748.5664