Have you ever caught yourself daydreaming at work about your next vacation?

The answer is most likely, Yes; we have all done it.  But what if that daydream isn’t about your next vacation, golfing, fishing, or a Saturday BBQ.  What if it’s about how you’re going to get dinner cooked and all three kids to different activities, or how the company had to add security cameras so everyone is safe, or how the person three cubes down is impossible to work with.  These are all REAL-LIFE daydreams, and left unchecked, can begin to wear down employees, cause conflict, increase employee turnover or worse.  Companies spend millions of dollars each year in technical training so employees know exactly how to do their jobs, only to find out the training was only partially effective.  There are research-proven benefits, however, that show that employees enjoy increased performance and overall wellness when they have access to an Employee Assistance Program (EAP).

Saint Louis Counseling provides an opportunity for companies to create a path of overall wellness for employees, which creates the opportunity for increased performance.

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With an Employee Assistance Program, we can come on-site for counseling and training with your employees, or they can use one of our eight locations.