It takes courage to ask for help.
It takes
community, compassion, care, and comfort to be Companions for Courage.

Saint Louis Counseling does not turn anyone away, regardless of their ability to pay for services.

Mental illness and extreme personal challenges do not affect any specific group of people – they impact us all. Of the total clients Saint Louis Counseling served last year, 968 were living below the poverty level. That means they were making less than $26,200 for a family of four. These hurting families often struggle to put food on the table and keep a roof over their heads. Paying for counseling to address their trauma or mental illness is simply out of the question.

Without Saint Louis Counseling, seeing a therapist would be nearly impossible for them. Yet for many, seeing a therapist to begin to get mentally healthy IS their way out of poverty.

Be a companion for courage.
Today, YOU can step into the solution and change or maybe even save a life! A monthly gift of $33 will provide one person with one session a month for three months…one person seeking healing and hope…one person who lives in poverty…one person who’s been brave enough to say, “I can’t do this alone.”

As a COMPANION FOR COURAGE, you will join a group of individuals whose support will empower clients who are waiting to be seen…heard…helped…even saved! You will be a Companion for people on their journey toward healing.

For questions or more information about how you can join the Companions for Courage Giving Club, contact Debbie Dugan, Business Development/Marketing Director at 314.748.5658 or [email protected].

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