Bad things happen, but that’s not the end of the story.

Sometimes it truly an accident, like tornado or fire.  Other times we are hurt by someone, maybe someone that was suppose to love us.  These are all different types of traumas, traumas that effect our children, our family, and us.  Saint Louis Counseling Our , through the generosity of the St. Louis County Children’s Service Fund, partners with the Missouri Academy of Child Trauma Studies (MoACTS) at the University of Missouri-St. Louis to provide trauma-focused cognitive behavioral therapy in our offices.

The best time to get help, is now.
Saint Louis Counseling can help.

We are expanding our therapists clinical expertise through a learning collaborative focused on training our therapists in the adoption and implementation of TF-CBT. This enables our therapists to appropriately and professionally serve and improve outcomes for traumatized children and families.

CFS therapists are specifically trained to provide initial screening for the various types of trauma and symptoms experienced by children. They are trained to provide evidenced- based treatment based on an understanding of the impact of trauma on child development and family systems and to effect improvement in trauma-related systems.

Traumas Often Experienced By Children

Natural disaster
Serious medical problems/surgery
Sexual abuse
Witnessed community or school Violence
Physical abuse
Parental separation
Accidents/car accidents
Verbal/emotional abuse
Experienced or witnessed domestic violence
Significant loss of a loved one
Foster placement
Tornados, fire, and other stressors.

Symptoms of Trauma

Headaches, Suicidal ideas
Various aches and pains
Always worried about something
Stomach trouble
Unable to relax
Eating issues
Unable to have a good time
Unable to concentrate
Fainting spells
Bowel disturbances
School refusal
Always tired
Emotionally numb and disconnected
Trouble sleeping, shy with people
Can’t make friends
Abuse drugs
Can’t make decisions
Anxiety Inferiority feelings
Feel panicky
Sexual problems
Feel trapped
Home conditions bad
Drink too much alcohol
No appetite
Aggressive behavior
Self-injury behaviors (cutting, burning, head banging)
Risk-taking behaviors
Avoiding more and more things/events
Severe fear reactions
Family history of emotional problems

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