EPISODE #53: PooleProof Wisdom Proves Positive in a Pandemic
Guest: Charles K. Poole
Communications Specialist, Author, Inspiration to Many

His daily impartings of PooleProof Wisdom provide much more than positive perspectives on life. Every morning, the man who has overcome numerous life-altering experiences, including trauma, shares lessons that he has gleaned from those moments and from the people who have helped shape him throughout his life. Lessons that inspire others to grow and be their true selves and get through challenging times and live in presence. Take his post from April 25, 2020: “You can’t really be a stranger when you provide a kindness; but you can be someone’s angel. I live for moments when that’s a purpose I can serve. I hope that on the other side of this pandemic, being kind to one another becomes a reality we all inherit. The world can use it and so can we all, whether as a giver or receiver.” Proof of what makes Charles K. Poole’s wisdom “PooleProof!”

Joining Mental Health Matters once again, Charles K. Poole shares with Executive Director Tom Duff, LCSW his thoughts about why he believes that everything that happens, happens to us to teach us something. And why, if you have life, there is always hope, even in the midst of a pandemic. Charles also quips about how sheltering in place in L.A. is ideal for an introvert and a self-proclaimed “King of Germaphobes” during COVID-19. If you have listened to the first podcast with Charles, you won’t want to miss this one. And if you missed his first Mental Health Matters debut, this episode will show why wisdom, borne of a soul who has lived life and learned from it, is helping people get to the other side of whatever they are going through!

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