Guest: Linda B. Haley, CFRE

Let’s Build Hope, President & CEO; 2016 Outstanding Fundraising Executive by the St. Louis Regional Chapter of AFP (Association of Fundraising Professionals)

Summing up her work, and her life’s mission…it all comes down to one word: “philanthropy.” And for anyone who has talked with Linda Haley, a fundraising professional who has helped to raise more than $200 million for various nonprofits, they know that her one-word mantra isn’t ultimately about money. It’s about the love of people and relationships. It’s about building connection points that get to someone’s heart. It’s about giving people the opportunity to do something good to change the world. It’s about building hope – together. And the name of her fundraising consulting firm – one that she began about eight years ago – says it all: Let’s Build Hope. (Put the first letter of each word together, LBH, and you also get Linda’s initials. And, yes, that was intentional!)

With the love of people inspiring all that she does, Linda understands why people give to organizations and how giving affects their mental health in a positive way. She also knows that there are a plethora of times in life when our mental health could use some healing and support. That’s why she is a strong supporter of therapy. Listen to what Linda and Executive Director Tom Duff, LCSW have to talk about in this episode of “Mental Health Matters.” And learn how Linda’s therapy, as a journey, has helped her appreciate, even more, her love of people.