November 23, 2018

Guest: Gregg Sansone

Entrepreneur, Speaker, Writer and Coach on how to triumph over OCD and anxiety and for those in addiction recovery


Gregg Sansone is a successful entrepreneur and owns a thriving shopping center comprised of 45 businesses. He also speaks, writes and coaches on how to triumph over OCD and anxiety and does the same for those in addiction recovery. He speaks as one who has 30-plus years of experience with this insidious disorder, having come out on top.

In Mental Health Matters, Episode #4, Executive Director Tom Duff and Gregg discuss his life mission, which is to stay “true to the vow I made at the onset of my recovery: ‘As long as there is breath in my body, I will fight this, AND I will spend the rest of my life helping those who are in this seemingly helpless and hopeless place of pain and suffering I am in now.’ My pain truly has become my passion…After 27 years of direct pain, confusion and ultimate victory, including 12 years of ‘professional’ therapy across the nation from the best to the worst, I share and demonstrate it all.”

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