November 16, 2018

Guest: Michael Wellington

Professional Golfer; Author, Birdies, Bogies and Bipolar; Founder, Foundation


“I had had enough.” The intoxicating mania, the hollowing depression and the seven intensive hospitalizations created an unsustainable vacuum. Michael Wellington, a professional golfer, was on a course toward self-destruction, and his good friends told him, in no uncertain terms, that they could no longer be around him unless he made significant life changes. Having struggled with bipolar disorder for years, Michael had stopped taking his medication. But, thanks to his buddies’ intervention, as well as a fierce hangover following a friend’s wedding, Michael decided it was time for “match play.” He was ready to beat the mental-health “opponent” that was currently pinning him down. And, he was finally committed to living life on par with the same healthy, competitive spirit that had first summoned him to play the sport he loved. With resolve as his caddy, he’s now back in the game.

In Mental Health Matters, Episode #3, professional golfer, author and founder of Birdies 4 Bipolar, Michael Wellington candidly shares his story with Saint Louis Counseling Executive Director Tom Duff about the highs and lows of bipolar disorder and what he does every day to play defense against mental illness. Learn how health, routine, tenacity and medication pivoted Michael from a debilitating mental-health disorder just a few years ago into a well-managed chronic condition today. Website
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