February 1, 2019

Special Guest: Dr. Jackie Landess, M.D., J.D.
Assistant professor in the Division of Forensic Psychiatry, Department of Psychiatry and Behavioral Neuroscience, Saint Louis University School of Medicine;
Department co-director of medical student education and assistant training director, Forensic Psychiatry fellowship program


What is being done to provide mental-health care to people at risk of incarceration? And how can an eye for compassion help them to regain and maintain their dignity in a system that thrives on retributive justice? With both a medical degree and law degree, Jackie Landess, M.D., J.D. delves into correctional psychiatry with Executive Director Tom Duff, MSW, LCSW, exploring some of the reasons why people with a history of mental illness and without the resources they need, often find themselves cycling through the criminal justice system.

Each year, according to the National Alliance for Mental Illness, two million people with a mental illness are jailed – the vast majority of whom are not violent criminals. What are communities doing to help people stay well or intervene in order to maintain their mental health and reduce the endless cycle of incarceration? Learn how Dr. Landess is promoting mental wellness for the whole person, where people’s basic needs are met first and judgment is sidelined, in the 11th episode of #MentalHealthMatters.